Lodge Rd, Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland

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Lodge Vet Hospital Facilities

Our overall premises and facilities are approved by the Veterinary Council of Ireland and adhere to the highest standards for Companion Animal Medicine and Surgery. In addition to meeting these standards, we continually strive to exceed them through constant re-investment in our surgery and diagnostic facilities.

Diagnostic Facilities

Our in-house diagnostic facilities are of a very high standard and ensure a fast, efficient result when needed.

These facilities include:

  • Haematology and Biochemistry Analysers - Allow us to run multiple and vast blood profiles of our patients.
  • Microscopy - For in-house analysis of skin scrapes, hair plucks, blood smears, vaginal smears and fluid samples. A definitive diagnosis on-site leads to prompt treatment!
  • Radiography (X-ray) and Ultrasonography (Ultrasound) - Invaluable and essential resources, which allow proficient diagnoses of many conditions.

We also avail of services of top European Pathology Laboratories, with access to recognized specialists.

We employ the highest quality of human-grade gaseous anaesthetic agents. Our highly-trained staff and extensive monitoring equipment carefully monitor all of our surgical procedures. Pre-anaesthetic assessments are carried out on each patient prior to surgery, the ensuring that the anaesthetic agents are chosen accordingly. No anaesthetic is considered routine.

The highest standards of hygiene and sterility are obeyed in our dedicated surgical theatres. Following surgery, our patients are monitored while they recover.

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